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Mar 09, 2013

Arviat Youth Conference March 9, 2013

Luke Preaching in Arviat

Luke leading worship in Arviat

The meetings at the conference in Arviat were great today. I had the privilege of sharing the teaching/preaching duties for the various sessions with Pastor Hattie, her son Larry who leads the young people, and one of the elders of the church.

In the first session after lunch, I taught on the power of prayer and worship, and emphasized the importance of spending time with God every day.

With all of the justice movements we see rising up today, such as Idle No More, protesting and petitioning the courts and government, it could be easy to forget that the most powerful way to see justice done is to petition the court of heaven. Then, rather than just talking about it, I led them in a time of activation, through intense worship and prayer. We had a powerful time praying according to Isaiah 61, that God would heal broken hearts, set captives free and that the good news would be preached all over the north.

Between services I had my first experience of going inside an igloo. An elder from Arviat showed up while we were in it. She told us that she’d been born in an igloo and gave birth to two babies in one. I witnessed the fascinating paradox of the old and the modern-day Inuit way of life when she answered a call on her Blackberry inside the igloo!

I arrived at tonight’s service expecting to share in the honour of baptizing ten young people, but as the service progressed, we ended up baptizing sixteen young men and women. They shared powerful testimonies about what Jesus has done in their lives. The entire evening was a great time of celebration of God’s goodness, as we recognized the significance of the important step these young people were taking. I was invited to bring the service to a conclusion by leading in a couple of songs. Lifting our voices in praise to God seemed a fitting way to seal such a special time in His presence.

In the morning, I will be singing and playing guitar and Pastor Hattie will preach. I’m looking forward to hearing a powerful word from this special woman of God. I’m particularly looking forward to ministering tomorrow night, as I am told that there will likely be many coming who don’t know the Lord. It will be a great opportunity to share the gospel in my final service of this long but very rewarding mission.

Please agree with me in prayer for good weather for my flight home on Monday. Storms with heavy winds and whiteout conditions have been predicted, but I’m believing for God to clear the way so that I can get out of Arviat as scheduled. Pray for strength as well. As amazing and fulfilling as my two weeks in the Arctic have been, I can feel exhaustion catching up to me, and look forward to returning home to rest, refresh and prepare for the next exciting things God has in store!

Ministry in Arviat

Elder using blackberry in iglooYouth Conference in Arviat

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