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Mar 05, 2013

Baker Lake March 5


We arrived in Baker Lake today with a sense of anticipation for what the Lord was about to do. Baker Lake is located 1000 kms. North of Winnipeg, and is considered the geographical centre of Canada – an amazing fact when you realize there is as much Canadian land north of Baker Lake as there is below it.

I became part of the worship team last night, playing drums for a couple of the songs prior to ministering. Everywhere we’ve been it has been humbling to see the way God has used my testimony and preaching to touch the hearts of the youth. Again last night, many received Christ and responded to the invitation for prayer. Some of them opened up to me about issues they were going through, similar to what I’d experienced before encountering God, and it was amazing to see them getting set free as they encountered a God who loves them.

Nothing hit me harder than the story of a young man who opened his heart to me at the altar. He talked about the pain he’d been through and told me that two years ago he had tried to take his life. Until he confessed this to me, he had never revealed his awful secret to anyone. Ever since then he’s been living with not only the pain that he’d carried, but shame and condemnation over what he did, and hasn’t been able to forgive himself. He sobbed at the altar as he received the forgiveness that Jesus paid the price for, along with the freedom of knowing he could forgive himself. Seeing just that one young man set free, and if it had been the only testimony we could report, it would be worth all the effort it has taken to accomplish this mission, every prayer and every dollar our partners have so faithfully invested.

Many communities up here have scores of young people facing the same pain as that young man did, and they so desperately need what only Jesus can offer. It’s been amazing to be a part of seeing people encounter God night after night, but I know we’re not done. Many more communities, with many more people, young and old, must be reached so that they too can be set free as they experience God’s love.

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