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Jan 29, 2013

Aurora Stand on Guard

One of the many highlights of our Stand On Guard meetings at Cornerstone Church in Aurora, ON from January 24th – 25th, was witnessing the large portion of youth and young adult in attendance, receiving from the Lord, and committing themselves to be ambassadors for righteousness in Canada.  On Friday evening the entire worship team was comprised of the younger generation.  It blessed my heart to see and hear them fully engaged, as they prepared the atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to move.  I have such hope for our nation, as I see the young and old generations merging with a common purpose – that Jesus might have dominion from sea to sea!

Many people were healed and came forward to testify. Several, after witnessing and experiencing the power of God, answered the altar call and gave their lives to Jesus. One was a young man whose friend had been praying for him for years. He’d hardly ever been in church and had never seen or felt the power of God before. His friend was at the front to hug him and pray with him as, through tears, he committed his life to Jesus.

My assistant Luke and I shared the Saturday morning service, as I taught on healing and Luke led the congregation as they activated what they’d learned, and prayed for each other.  For many they had never experienced the Lord using them to see others healed, and were quick to share their excitement as healings took place when they prayed.  We concluded the service with a time of impartation, laying hands on every individual, that they would carry this anointing wherever they went.  When I ministered to Pastor Jeff Wilson, the Holy Spirit came on him mightily and he lay on the floor basking in the presence of God and receiving from Him for over an hour.

After Saturday morning’s service Pastor Jeff posted the following on his Facebook status:“After an amazing meeting of impartation this morning, Wendy and I go to visit a family’s house and the presence of God was so strong.  At one point both the Mom and Dad were out under the power of God and their kids were coming in looking at them and wondering, “What happened to Mom and Dad?”  I’ll tell you what happened – they got hit with the power and love of God.  See ya tomorrow for more!”

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