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Mar 25, 2013

Stand on Guard - Victoriaville QC



The Holy Spirit breaks down all barriers! We saw this powerfully demonstrated March 22 – 23 at Eglise Amour & Vie in Victoriaville, Quebec. It was a special privilege to be invited to conduct two Stand On Guard services in this beautiful French-speaking city in the heart of Quebec.

The language, culture and even historical perspective of most Quebec residents is different than the English-speaking provinces, and we had to minister in each service using an interpreter. Yet there was an unhindered flow of the Spirit among the packed crowd who had come from far and wide. As Gwen and I talked about our concerns for the spiritual well-being of Canada, we had a strong sense that they desire, as we do, to see a nationwide outpouring of God’s transforming power! It is time for Christians to awake, to realize that each one is called to Stand On Guard for righteousness, and to remain true to the Biblical values that made our nation great.

The Lord put His seal of approval on the Friday evening service by powerfully healing many people. One man who had no hearing in one ear and was almost completely deaf in the other, testified that he was hearing perfectly out of the totally deaf ear! Another man told us he had ten herniated disks that caused him excruciating pain and limitation, but in an instant every symptom disappeared. He began bending, twisting and moving freely, as his wife, who also received a powerful healing, rejoiced with him. Many others reported healing from various ailments, including arthritis, heart conditions, joint pain and more.

By far, the most exciting event of the evening happened when I invited those who wanted to give their lives to Christ to come forward for prayer, and people streamed to the front, packing the altar. Thank God for the many names that have been written in heaven, and for the exciting new journey these new believers are embarking on!

The Saturday morning Healing School was a special time, as we taught and equipped the believers to activate the anointing in their own lives. People paired up to pray for one another, and stood in awe as the Holy Spirit began to heal bodies all over the auditorium. A woman who had a frozen shoulder began to swing her arm in wide circles as she discovered it was totally free after her prayer partner laid hands on her. Another realized a large tumour in her chest had disappeared, while someone else reported the lump on her neck was gone. It was thrilling to see numerous healings take place instantaneously as ordinary believers began to operate in the power of the Spirit!

It was a special treat to have Chris Hymus accompany us to Victoriaville to lead worship. Seven years ago, Chris was part of our ministry team and traveled with us throughout Canada, until he left to lead a church in French Guyana and eventually returned to his native country of Wales. We’re especially looking forward to his anointed ministry with us at our Good Friday Miracle Service in Ottawa. Don’t miss this exiting meeting, as we join together to celebrate the Power of the Cross, and see God’s resurrection power demonstrated.




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