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Jul 02, 2013

Mt. Zion Camp

Mount Zion Camp Meetings – A Journey of Remembrance

Mount Zion Camp, near Gilmour, ON is one of the best-kept secrets in the east.  Tucked away on a side road between Madoc and Bancroft, it sits on the shore of beautiful Gunter Lake.  It was in this refreshing, tranquil setting that we recently had the privilege of ministering for the 41st year in a row.

Gwen and I consider it a yearly pilgrimage – a return to the location of a significant event that took place the first time we walked onto the grounds in 1972.  Days earlier Gwen’s doctor had given her the shocking report that she had a tumour in her body that had tested positive for the presence of cancer.  Although he wanted to operate immediately, she was so seriously anemic that surgery would have been too risky.  He ordered strong blood builders for her to receive for two weeks, after which he’d operate if her blood levels improved enough.  Those two weeks provided time for us to believe God for a miracle.

I arrived at the camp without Gwen, since her symptoms, plus caring for our four pre-school children had weakened her so much that she wasn’t strong enough to attend for the entire weekend.  As soon as the camp leaders learned about her condition, many of them spent the entire weekend fasting and praying for her healing.  Gwen came for the Sunday services, and as the leaders laid hands on her, she was overcome with the power of the Spirit.  As she lay on the floor, she had a supernatural encounter with God, and knew beyond a shadow of doubt that she was healed.

Over the remainder of the two-week period, all the symptoms remained, but she continued to declare her healing, even as she went under anesthetic for the surgery.  When she awoke, her doctor stood at the end of her bed and said, “Mrs. Prankard, you got one of those things your husband preaches about – you got a miracle!”  He then explained that during the procedure they discovered that the tumour had completely disappeared.  She was given a clean bill of health and was sent home!  Every time we return to Mt. Zion Camp, we give God glory for his miracle-working power in her body, and thank the leaders for their faithful prayers on her behalf.

Mt. Zion has its foundational roots in the Latter Rain outpouring of the mid-1900’s, and they have kept that prophetic, Spirit-empowered emphasis throughout the years.  From our first visit through to this year’s ministry, we continue to sense and see God’s miracle-working power in operation. 

This year we had the added privilege to introducing our Associate Evangelist, Luke Price, to the audience.  Luke shared a powerful message entitled, “An Inconvenient Kingdom”.  He recounts the stories of men and women of God, both in the Bible and in history, who would not allow circumstances or their own inner struggles to keep them from accomplishing God’s purpose.  It is such a challenging and encouraging word that we are presently preparing it as a CD resource, which will be available for purchase soon.

In just a week or so we leave for overseas ministry in Sweden and Israel.  As a result of our time at Mt. Zion Camp, we will go feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and revived!  

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