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Jul 23, 2013

Israel - Day 1

We just finished our first full day here in Israel. It's amazing to see firsthand the places you read about in scripture and gives a whole new perspective on stories you've been reading for your entire life. It's as if every stone has a story to tell. We are taking time to pray and worship in every spot we visit. Already we have had some great encounters with God and received fresh revelation. I know we will be returning to Canada not only refreshed, but filled up and ready to minister at a new level.


We began the day at Caesarea. You can read about this town in Acts 10. A Roman officer named Cornelius lived in this beautiful seaside city. Cornelius, unlike the vast majority of his peers, was a "devout, God-fearing man." His prayers and gifts to the poor caught the attention of God. Through an angelic visitation Cornelius was instructed to send for Peter, who was at a house in Joppa. At the same time God was visiting Peter in a vision and instructing him not to "call something unclean if God has made it clean." Peter, in obedience to God, went to Caesarea to meet with Cornelius. At this meeting Holy Spirit would fall on the Gentiles for the first time as Peter preached the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am amazed by both of these men and, as a Gentile, owe them a great debt. Cornelius was a man who somehow had a revelation about God and desired to live pleasing to Him. The city he lived in was where the Romans were headquartered and would have been very pagan. In this environment it would have been extremely unpopular to fear God. I believe that it was always God's intention to reach the Gentiles with the gospel and with Holy Spirit. I also believe that God was looking for a man who was ready to receive it. Had Cornelius not been that man, God would have found another, but God needed a man. It is a powerful reminder of the important role we have to play in God's great plan. Not only do our actions impact our own faith walk, but many were reached in Caesarea because of one man's God-fearing lifestyle and obedience. Your life doesn’t just effect you. You will impact many lives, some of them in ways you’ll never know.

For Peter, this was another amazing example of his passionate obedience to God. To travel to the home of a Gentile and for him to preach the gospel to them would have been unthinkable. These people were unclean. Peter, however, was willing to let the voice of The Lord change his paradigm. How many of us have written off someone or even an entire group of people because they didn't fit into our model of what a Christian should or could look like? My heart's desire is to be like Peter and to be ready to go when God calls me to go. I don't want my own perspective to block me from seeing what God wants to do. We need to be willing to act when God calls us to act and we need to see how He sees. God give us your eyes!


The second place we visited was Mount Carmel. Bill and I just finished ministering in Sweden where we preached on the fire of God. Mount Carmel is a place where that fire physically fell and changed a nation in a day. This is the place where Elijah confronted the nation of Israel and the prophets of Baal. In this very spot Elijah said, "You call on the name of your gods, and I will call on the name of the Lord; and the God who answers by fire, He is God."

I am so grateful that we serve the God who answers by fire! I am so grateful for men and women of God who have been willing to confront the "prophets of Baal" in their day! Elijah was not concerned about popular opinion. Even though he was outnumbered 450 to 1 by the prophets of Baal and even though the people of Israel were either silent in the face of, or directly engaged in, evil Elijah took a stand for what was right. Elijah held a view that was extremely unpopular. Elijah knew, however, that he had the God who answers by fire behind him and that he was standing for righteousness.

As we stand on guard for Canada we need the spirit that Elijah had. Even though what we believe might be unpopular we must stand for righteousness. The amazing thing is that we have the God who answers by fire backing us up! It might seem at times like the odds are overwhelmingly against us but we know that with God none of that matters. A nation can be changed in a day! As we spent time in worship and prayer I felt such a reassurance that there really is nothing impossible with God. I believe with all my heart that Canada will be saved and today I felt that stronger than ever. When Canada sees the power of God in a tangible way and when His fire falls on Canada our nation will be changed. The God who answers by fire is about to show Himself to our nation!

The other amazing thing about this spot is that it looks out over Armageddon. We see this place in Revelation 16 and I’m reminded of how this story ends. No matter how dark things are in Canada or on this earth, we know how the final chapters read. We already have the victory! In the face of impossible odds, God will prevail. Darkness will not overcome our light.


Luke Price

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