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Jul 25, 2013

Israel - Day 3

I’m sitting here looking out over the Sea of Galilee as I write this. This region is where so much of Jesus’ ministry took place and where He and His disciples spent a lot of their time. As I stare out over the water and see the lights of Tiberias in the distance, I think I understand why Jesus liked this area. In the next few days there will be lots of places with a rich spiritual history and we’ll be visiting so many and receiving so much.

This morning, in this same spot, we spent time worshipping and praying. We took time to pray for all of the amazing partners of BPEA and to speak blessing over them. Even though you might not be on this trip, it’s our belief that this spiritual journey is not just for us but for you as well. I believe that you will partake in the increase of miracles, blessing, anointing and breakthrough that is coming. We are contending for you and all of your needs while we’re here.


Matthew 16:18

And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Today we visited “The Gates of Hell” that Jesus was using to illustrate this message. Caesarea Philippi was a centre of pagan worship. It was a place that a good Jewish man would never have gone and I’m sure the disciples would have been confused as Jesus led them there. It’s such a rich story and this moment defined the foundation of the Christian church. Jesus was the Son of the Living God! Peter’s divine revelation is still the basis of what we live today. There are many who would call Jesus a good man, a wonderful teacher or a prophet. We know that He is so much more and that He is the only way to eternal life.

The statement that the “gates of hell” would not prevail is so powerful. This place would have been the most pagan place the disciples could have imagined. Jesus was making a statement: no matter how dark it is, darkness shall not overcome the light. The word “gates” is significant as well. Gates are not something you hide from. You assault gates! The church was designed to go on the offensive and take dominion! We were never called to hide in a church building praying that Jesus would hasten His return. We are called to be out in the world taking ground back that was stolen by the enemy. Jesus promised us that no stronghold of the enemy will ever stop us.


After visiting the gates of hell, we ascended the mountain above this pagan place. We went up above and worshipped and prayed up there. It was a powerful time of encounter and was a prophetic picture of our position spiritually. We are not beneath the devil, nor are we equal to him. He is under our feet! Jesus has already taken the keys back and defeated the gates of hell and we now have authority over them! No matter what we are facing, we can turn our focus above and thank God that we already have the victory.



We also spent time praying for and speaking blessing over Israel. I already appreciated the need for Israel and how important it is to bless them. I knew that it was necessary. While I’m here though, I have received a new heart for this nation. I really have fallen in love with Israel and pray that so many others can experience what I’m experiencing. We heard from two Jewish ladies stories of the miracles that have helped establish this nation. I’ve often heard stories of how many prophesies are coming true concerning Israel. I know that God loves this nation and that it’s a vital part of His plans. We do pray for the peace of Jerusalem and we must bless Israel.


Luke Price

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