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Jul 27, 2013

Israel - Day 5

Shabbat - A Day of Rest and Worship

Today was a day of rest for us as we had our first Shabbat. In the morning we joined David and Karen Davis who pastor Carmel Assembly here. Their place of worship is amazing! It's at the highest point on Carmel and the rooftop has a spectacular view of the entire area. Beyond their worship services, they have a lot of ministry in the area. They have a drug rehabilitation centre and many of their leaders are former addicts who've passed through the program and experienced a complete transformation in their lives. They have a house for Sudanese refugees that is also a great outreach to the women and children staying there. They're reaching Jews, Arabs, Russians and all kinds of other nationalities who have gathered here. It was a wonderful blessing to worship with them and spend time together after the service.


In the evening we connected with a Russian Pastor whose work we've been supporting monthly. He started a congregation in Nazareth 18 years ago. Since then, they've seen amazing growth and done some things that many Christians told them were impossible. Pastor Sergey had a vision from God that wouldn't die and wouldn't listen to critics calling it impossible. From his faithfulness many lives have been changed. They've now started reaching out to Beit She'an and Afula as well. They've been reaching out to drug addicts, single mothers and struggling families with both the love of Jesus and the practical things these struggling people need, whether it be deliverance from addiction or furniture for their apartment. They thanked us for our support but said that in the face of the persecution they experience every day that more than anything they need prayer. We told them we would of course continue to pray for them and I ask all of you to do the same. This congregation is already having an amazing impact and I know it will only grow, but there are many challenges and a lot of opposition. They need your prayer as they breakthrough and contend for revival in Israel.

Pastor Sergey in between Bill and I. Pray for this amazing man of God and their ministry.


Luke Price

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