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Jul 28, 2013

Israel - Day 6

Most of Israel is a juxtaposition of old and new; ancient and modern sit side by side everywhere you look. Today we spent time in Beit She’an which provided one of the best examples of that mix we’ve seen. We spent time in the ruins of the ancient Roman city, which are the best preserved in Israel. On top of a hill overlooking the new city we stood in ruins dating back to before King Saul’s reign.

As we spent time worshipping in the middle of this stunning piece of history our hearts burned for God’s purposes today. This is one of the communities being touched by the ministry we met with last night. There is a great deal of persecution here for believers, just as there was when the Roman ruins were still a bustling city. The pastor in this community has had his car set on fire and religious leaders have all warned the people to be wary of these missionaries. Yet the vision of seeing Jesus touch the community and its many needs has driven this ministry to continue.

As we worshipped, we thanked God for an army of partners who stand with BPEA and support a vision that many would call impossible. We thanked God for blessing every one of these amazing partners and their support, spiritually and financially. We declared breakthrough for all of the needs they have. We declared breakthrough in all of the areas we minister and prophesied the vision God has given BPEA. We declared life over Canada; freedom for the captives; that our nation shall be saved; that the fire of revival will burn around the Arctic Circle! We spent time ministering to one another and prophesying individually over each other. It was a moving time for all of us. We had church this morning in those ruins.

After our time of worship, prayer and prophesy, we climbed a hill to the older ruins where we had a spectacular view of the new city. There we prayed blessing over the ministry we are supporting here. We thanked God for the lives of single mothers and their children, drug addicts, and many others who are being touched here. We prophesied over the city that it would be a spring of spiritual refreshing and would be a sign to the entire area. We declared that Jesus would be lifted up in Beit She’an in the face of intense persecution and the entire area would be saved. There is a rich history to this city, but the far more exciting story is the one about to be written. I love visiting historical sites like this and visualizing life thousands of years ago. But I love even more the visions that God gives for the future. The vision He’s given for the north. The visions He’s given for Canada. The vision He’s given the believers here in Beit She’an.

As believers we can never get caught living in the past. As glorious as our history may be, our God is the same yesterday, today and forever. That means that He intends to do the same awesome, miraculous works today that He did in Jesus’ day. He intends to manifest His power and presence in the same way as historical revivals and the book of Acts. He intends to continue giving vision to believers to do the impossible and He will empower you to break through these impassable barriers! I love the past, and what God is doing today truly excites me as we see prophetic words come true and so many lives change. But the best is yet to come! No matter how good, or how bad, your history has been, God is saying to you today that the best days are ahead! Thank God we don’t have to live in the past. We can look forward to a glorious future with Him!


Luke Price

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