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Aug 02, 2013

Israel - Day 11

Today was a day for breakthrough. It was a day for miracles. It was a day for the impossible to be made possible through the power of God. It was a day for healing. It was a day for blessing. It was a day where every need would be met. It was a day for freedom from debt. It was a day for the fulfillment of promises. It was a day to receive above and beyond thoughts and imaginations. Today was a day we have been looking forward to for a while. Today we spent the entire day fasting and praying at the garden tomb. We prayed for every one of our partners by name. We prayed for every prayer request that we’ve received. We could feel the power of God and our faith was stirred. I know testimonies will be coming in soon of answered requests. We even had the special treat of meeting a pastor from North Caribou Lake First Nation who was here and knew we'd be praying at the tomb all day. He met us there and together we prayef for him and his community. We got to lay hands on him and pray for him. By faith we laid hands on every one of you and prayed.

The sign at the tomb reads “He is not here – for He is risen.” Jesus came and He died. But the story doesn’t end there! We worship a resurrected Jesus! He defeated death once and for all. And that same resurrection power lives in you! It was with this knowledge, staring at the evidence of our resurrected Saviour that we prayed today. There were a lot of needs that we prayed for today. We partnered our faith with people facing some big mountains. We prayed for situations that are totally impossible. But the God we serve is bigger than those problems! He is a God for whom nothing is impossible! Even if you didn’t get your request in, I want to pray for you right now. I believe God is saying to you that today is the day for your miracle.

In the name of Jesus I declare breakthrough over your life. I command every attack of the enemy to return to hell where it belongs. I speak resurrection power and life to flow in and through you. I thank God that He supplies all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. For every prayer request and every petition of yours, I thank God that He hears and He answers. I pray that for every secret desire of your heart and every dream that He has given you that you will see the fulfillment of His promises in this season. I pray that God would do things in your life beyond what you ever thought or dreamed. I declare that today you will receive everything you need from Him and more. In Jesus name,



Luke Price

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