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Aug 03, 2013

Israel - Day 12

Today we had the privilege of ministering at Adonai Roi, a congregation in the Tel Aviv area. Avi Mizrachi, the pastor, was away but we had the chance to meet with him and hear more about the ministry on July 22. We love the heart of this ministry and feel such an amazing connection to their vision. Beyond their congregation that meets every week, they are impacting Tel Aviv in so many ways. They have a prayer tower that overlooks the entire city, which they've opened up to all of the pastors in the city. They have a coffee shop that they use as an outreach centre. They go out on the streets to touch and minister to people where they are. They help provide for the practical needs of the poor in the city. This is a ministry that is so much more than a congregation. The Kingdom is advancing in Tel Aviv in a major way thanks to their ministry!

It was great to meet with the congregation and see some of the people we've communicated with and heard of face to face and then get to know the rest of the congregation as well. I shared a little of my own testimony and then what God is doing at the Ends of the Earth. You could tell that they really caught the vision for the arctic when a number of them came to Bill and me after the service saying they wanted to sow into the ends of the earth and several of the ministry team expressed interest in coming. Bill brought the word and the congregation was very receptive and you could see that they were very encouraged. There were a few who came up afterwards and said that it was such a timely word and that they really needed it. It's amazing how God can knit together the hearts of a messianic congregation in Tel Aviv and us from Ottawa. You would think we have very little in common and yet we feel so close to them. We love these brothers and sisters of ours and it was great to be able to worship God together.

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