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Aug 04, 2013

Israel - Day 13

Today we met with Dr. Jay Rawlings. Jay and his wife Meridel first came to Israel in 1969. They had succesful careers in Hamilton, ON but felt God calling them to move to Israel. They had a passion for Israel long before many believers understood the value, necessity and prophetic significance of Israel. They have sown their lives into this nation and have been able to bless and help in so many ways over the years. They've made hunderds of documentaries about the land and helped dozens of ministries produce promotional videos. They've done an amazing job of introducing the real Israel to so many people.

The reality is that news outlets only provide a part of the picture, and many of them present only an extremely biased view. In an ideal world, news would be presented impartially but we live in a world where reporters will often try to twist stories to fit their own world view. We've seen in Canada how some stories will be ignored, others blown out of proportion and others taken out of context or have their meaning twisted. The reality is that you have to be careful not to take everything you hear and read at face value. When it comes to news about Israel, the same is very true. I've read a lot of articles in which a reporter is presenting their opinion as fact.

Part of what this amazing couple has done is present Israel in a way that you would rarely see from secular media. A lot of people wouldn't consider a media company "ministry" because it isn't traditional preaching ministry. The Rawlings have a ministry that is equal in importance to the pulpit. I love the story of how this couple was ready to move in unconventional ways in order to align themselves with the will of God. If everyone just did "ministry" the same way it's always been done, we would wind up with the same results. Results that simply aren't enough. The church needs to rise up and it needs to be more effective. For this to happen we need to have the entire body of Christ functioning the way it was designed. We all have a different function, but we are all important. This is a part of why I immediately loved this couple and their story. The things God has led them to do have been extremely unconventional. Through their obedience to the unique call on their lives they have seen tremendous fruit in so many areas. We all need to be more like the Rawlings. Instead of patterning ourselves after tradition, or our ministry hero, we need to pattern ourselves after the leading of Holy Spirit.

You can find out more about Jay and Miradel at

Right now they are raising money to renovate and improve their studio. My prayer is that some of you have been following this blog have had your hearts moved towards Israel as mine has been. If you're looking for a practical way to sow into Israel, this iministry is amazing soil that will bear a lot of fruit - for you and for Israel.


Bill and Jay


The space they will renovate for their new studio.


Luke Price

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