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Sep 01, 2013

Tundra Fire in Cape Dorset

Tundra Fire in Cape Dorset

Yesterday we flew back to Iqaluit after an amazing few days in Cape Dorset, NU. Today, September the first - my birthday, we travel to Pangnirtung for a Holy Ghost explosion tonight. There is no place I would rather be than in the north tonight, ministering to these people who I've fallen in love with.

Travelling in the Arctic always has its difficulties and one member of our team, Tyler, was unable to reach Cape Dorset. However, if it was easy someone would have done it years ago, as Bill always says. The problems in the North are huge. Travelling here is difficult and expensive. Simply put, it's not simple. But we don't come here out of convenience, or for any other reason aside from one: love. We love the people. Jesus loves the people. There are so many precious people up here with whom we have fallen in love and there is no place I would rather be than here. I can't think of any better way to spend my birthday.

Our time in Cape Dorset was an amazing opportunity to demonstrate that love. The first night we were there we held a memorial service for the pastor's son, who disappeared 7 years ago. He was never found, and presumed dead but Martha, the pastor, hadn't felt it was time for the memorial until now. It was a real honour to join them for this memorial and Bill led the service. We celebrated the life of this young man, though it was cut short at 25 years old. We celebrated that we know he's with Jesus. We celebrated as some who were there accepted Jesus for the first time after Bill shared the gospel and led us in prayer. It was a time of mourning and there were tears, but there was celebration and joy as well. It was a very special evening.

I had the privilege of ministering at our final service there. I led a few worship songs and then preached and shared my testimony. Young and old came forward for prayer and I heard how touched they had been by the message and by the power of God. All of the lives we saw touched were such a confirmation of how valuable these trips are. I think of the great difficulty Jesus would go to for just one person. He would often leave the 99 to go after the one. There are no large cities and no stadiums to preach in in the Arctic and it's not easy to get here. But I know that the heart of Jesus is that we go. He didn't say to go when it's convenient. He just said to go. For love He came and for love we go. Love for Him and love for those who have yet to hear the good news.

While in Cape Dorset we also took time with the pastors to talk about the needs there and how we can help. Drugs, alcohol and depression have bound and stolen the lives of many Inuit in Cape Dorset. We shared the vision of what we want to do in Repulse Bay and how we want to use it to help transform communities all over the north. We also asked them for their input, so that we can most effectively help communities like Cape Dorset. Our dialogue with them and our time there reinforced what we already knew: it is crucial that we establish a healing training centre in the north. We need to develop young leaders who can effectively reach their generation to see communities transformed. Trips like this one are important as we strengthen and bless the local church and reach out and touch lives in the community. But we have to do more and we cannot delay. Lives are at stake here and we must see them saved. We need to have an army of healing evangelists all over the north, carrying revival fire with them to see communities transformed. I can see them in the spirit and I can see community after community being shaken by the power of the gospel. Canada shall be saved and that includes the north!



Luke Price

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