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Sep 09, 2013

Montreal – A Spirit Connection

Montreal – A Spirit Connection

Over the past 41 years we have criss-crossed this nation declaring the miracle-working power of God.  During those years we’ve been privileged to join forces with many churches, from the largest to small, and count it a blessing to see so many lives impacted both spiritually and physically.  But occasionally the Lord connects us with congregations and pastors whose heart and vision resonates with ours in a special way.  The House (Bethel Pentecostal Church) in Montreal was one of those places.

The House BPC is an amazing family of vibrant believers of diverse ethnic heritage.  Pastors Alex & Wendy Lappos estimated that approximately 80% of their congregation is under 35 years of age.  We share a common passion – to see their city and the nation alive with the presence and glory of God.

Every year The House BPC conducts a great Missions Conference featuring ministries they endorse who are reaching many nations of the world for Christ.  We were blessed to be able to not only present our Arctic missions focus, but to underscore the fact that Canada is now one of the most spiritually needy mission fields of the world.  Secularism has replaced spirituality; commerce overshadows Christ; and in the minds of most Canadians, sin is an outdated notion that only “religious fanatics” acknowledge.  Canada desperately needs a spiritual awakening!  The House BPC believers are determined to see Jesus once again have “dominion from sea to sea and to the ends of the earth”. 

From the first service on Thursday evening through to the fellowship dinner after the Sunday morning service, we sensed a true Spirit connection with them.  The amazing worship team carried an anointing that swept us into the tangible presence of Jesus, and set the atmosphere for God to move.  Many testified to the healing power of Christ in their bodies.  Bill and Luke ministered under a powerful anointing in each meeting as they shared their hearts and inspired the congregation to rise up and take their city for God.  The weekend climaxed with Bill and Luke tag-team preaching on The Fire of God, and the believers responded with passion and joy as they praised, danced and received from the Spirit.

The weekend of services greatly encouraged us to continue to contend for revival in the province of Quebec.  With pastors and believers like those at The House BPC, we can declare with greater confidence than ever, “Quebec shall be saved!”

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