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Sep 23, 2013

Hanmer, ON – September 20 – 22, 2013

Hanmer, ON – September 20 – 22, 2013

Expectation leads to Miracles in northern Ontario!

An atmosphere of hunger for God greeted us in the little community of Hanmer, ON, just outside of Sudbury.  The Holy Spirit flowed unhindered, and the many who came expecting were not disappointed.  From the first service on Friday night until the final service on Sunday morning, amazing healings and powerful ministry took place.

Some of the notable miracles included  a teenage girl with asthma, who began breathing freely.  A woman with constant pain due to TMJ was totally healed. On Friday Bill gave a word of knowledge concerning a back and hip healing.  A woman with deteriorated discs in her back causing pain every day, had been having great difficulty working as a hairdresser.  She also had a painful hip injury.  As she heard the word of knowledge, a burning sensation began in her back and hip. After testing it over the weekend, she reported on Sunday that the pain was completely gone!

Healed from deteriorated discs.

The hunger we had sensed when we arrived became palpable on Saturday morning during a service of teaching and impartation.  Two ladies told us that they driven several hours just to receive impartation to bring back to their home church. It was a significant morning in many lives, and the future days will reveal the fruit that will come as a result of all they received.

Sunday morning Bill and I preached on the Fire of God and then opened the altar for people to have a personal meeting with Jesus. There was no laying on of hands or specific prayer, yet several people reported that they'd had a significant one-on-one encounter with God as they basked in His presence.  We left Hanmer with the conviction that a powerful army is arising in Sudbury and surrounding area to break the chains of sickness, sin and bondage.  Northern Canada shall be saved!

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