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Mar 20, 2014

We're pushing back the enemy in Canada's Arctic


We’re “Pushing Back” the Enemy in Canada’s Arctic!

I’ve often been asked how Repulse Bay has what seems such a negative name.  In this little community of approximately 1000 on the Arctic Circle on the west coast of Hudson Bay, the Inuit still largely practice their traditional way of life and rely on sealing, fishing, hunting and trapping.

The first non-native visitors recorded in the 1740's were Europeans, particularly Scottish whalers.  One of them, Christopher Middleton, in his search for the Northwest Passage, attempted to get through, but realized it was a cul-de-sac.  Therefore, he named it Repulse Bay, “the bay where I was pushed back.” 


It is an apt metaphor for what the enemy has been doing in many communities in Canada’s north.  He has attempted to “repulse” or “push back” the transforming power of the Gospel in the Arctic.  Many young people struggle with alcohol, drugs and emotional scars from past trauma.  Suicide is at epidemic proportions.  That is why we have taken the bold step of establishing a Healing/Training Centre in Repulse Bay, to not only serve the local residents, but to help potential young leaders throughout the Arctic rise up in the power of the Spirit and “push back” the forces of evil.

We made a major “push” in early March, when we held a wonderful Arctic Conference in Repulse Bay, and introduced our new Arctic ministry workers, Michael & Darlene Clark to the people of the north.  The Clarks, our son Steve and I traveled all day to get to Repulse Bay, and were well rewarded that evening, as Inuit gathered from the village and flew in from several other communities to celebrate this major milestone.  God moved powerfully during the four-day conference as I shared preaching ministry with Inuit leaders Looee Bruce and Leonie Duffy, and on Sunday the Clarks shared their hearts as Michael preached and they ministered in music.          


The local believers demonstrated their gratitude and excitement to welcome the Clarks as their new leaders in Repulse Bay, by bringing gifts of frozen caribou and Arctic char, a delicious northern fish.  These will serve as wonderful staples for the Clarks as they establish themselves in their new Arctic home.  


While in Repulse Bay I visited the cemetery and stood by the grave of an 11-year-old who committed suicide a few months ago.  Once again I resolved in my heart to do everything possible, with God’s help and the support of our faithful partners, to see the curse of suicide eradicated in the north.


We also visited the site where the new building will be erected as soon as the weather allows.  We have all the material needed for the first phase, which means we can get the centre up.  We are working now on the list of material needed to complete this project, including furnace, electrical supplies, bathroom and plumbing fixtures, paint, etc.

The weekend was so significant as BPEA established a permanent base in the north.  The Clarks are committed to walk alongside the Inuit leaders to equip them and see them rise up to lead their people.  As we see the Healing/Training Centre become a reality, the message is loud and clear: the prophetic word to the Inuit, the gatekeepers of the north, will be fulfilled.  Revival will break out in Canada’s north.  The enemy will be repulsed – pushed back - and Canada’s Arctic will be healed, physically, emotionally and spiritually!

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