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May 15, 2014

Western Canada trip



I believe this is Canada’s time to see the supernatural power of God demonstrated coast to coast to coast.  Our nation needs to be reminded that His Word is true and He still performs miracles today.  That is why we ministered in three locations in the west recently.  In each place, partners and friends gathered from great distances to worship together, and to witness the healing power of the Lord.



We began in Saskatoon on Friday, April 25th at Lawson Heights Pentecostal Church, hosted by Pastor John Drisner.  It was encouraging to see many respond as the Holy Spirit touched people and ministered to their physical needs.  Several chronic conditions disappeared and the pastor testified that he was healed as well.  We celebrated God’s goodness as we looked forward to the Healing School on Saturday morning.

Many who witnessed God’s power on Friday evening returned to receive training and be equipped to minister healing.  The fire of God ignited them and they became a part of the great army of healing evangelists that the Lord is raising up across the nation!

As they gathered again Sunday morning to hear my message on breakthrough, we declared together that this is their season of breakthrough!  Then, a highlight of the weekend happened on Sunday afternoon, as I attended the Native service at Lawson Heights, where Jack & Peggy Kennedy were to be the guest ministers.  Peggy is a respected prophetic voice in Canada, and particularly to Inuit and First Nations people. 

It was a wonderful surprise and tremendous blessing when they called me forward to share, and then the people surrounded me and prayed the work we are undertaking in Repulse Bay, NU, for the entire north, for Gwen and I, and for the ministry we are doing throughout Canada.  It was a very special moment as I received directly from the Lord through these precious native believers.

I am believing that in the coming months, as these Saskatchewan believers take what they have received back to their homes, communities and spheres of influence, we can see a mighty outpouring that will impact culture and transform hearts.



“You Hold The Keys”

On Sunday, May 4th, Gwen & I had the privilege of being at Third Day Worship Centre in Lethbridge, Alberta with Pastors Dick & Joan Deweert for two powerful services.  TDWC is a church filled with passionate believers who truly believe Canada’s founding vision shall be restored, and Jesus will have dominion from sea to sea!  They have been a blessing to us for many years, and have supported many of our northern missions and projects.

On Sunday morning I reminded the gathering that Jesus has given them the keys to breakthrough in their own lives, and revival in our nation.  I also declared that “the gates of hell shall not prevail…” against His church!  What a blessed assurance this is as we take His anointing to our family, loved ones and a hurting world! You can hear the entire message in the video below:

Watch video

We saw the Word demonstrated on Sunday night, as we prayed for many people and the anointing of the Spirit infused their lives.  As believers take up the torch and declare Jesus’ dominion, Canada shall be saved!



During recent years I’ve been privileged to know two powerful and passionate men of God.  Father and son, Charlie and Sammy Robinson, share the same vision as I do – to see Canada experience a mighty, cultural-transforming revival.  When we joined together for their “Glory to God” Conference in Grande Prairie from May 9th to 11th, we all sensed it would be a powerful joining of anointings that had the potential of making a lasting impact in the west, as Jesus’ miracle-working power was displayed.

Throughout the weekend of ministry there was a tangible awareness of God’s glory, many testified to outstanding healings, and believers were ignited to take what they received everywhere they go.

One dramatic example of the miracles that took place is the following testimony from a young man named Jon:

“I wore hearing aids almost all my life due to 75% hearing loss in my right ear, and 50% hearing loss in my left ear.  As soon as Bill Prankard announced that he was going to pray for healing, I knew it was my time to be healed. 

Bill Prankard said, “Put your hands on the part of your body that needs to be healed, and as I did, the Lord told me “Jon it’s time right now; receive it right now…”  All of a sudden my ears popped.  When I took my hearing aids out I could hear 100%.”

As I testified to my healing, Bill Prankard asked me, “Were you expecting this?”  I said, “Yes, because God is Good!” 

The next morning when I got out of bed, I automatically went to grab my hearing aids, and Jesus said, “What are you doing?”  I answered, “Duh, I am healed!”

After these amazing weeks in Western Canada, I am more convinced than ever that CANADA SHALL BE SAVED!


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