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Aug 15, 2014

I am thankful to be in Israel

Friday August 15th


I began my last morning at the Sea of Galilee by once again having my quiet time with the Lord in the hammock on the lawn of Guest House overlooking the Sea of Galilee.  Although this peaceful beginning could easily become addictive, I would not want to miss the exciting day that lay ahead of us.   After another wonderful Israeli breakfast, and saying goodbye to our gracious Israeli host, we drove around to the end of the Sea of Galilee and followed the Jordan River to Jericho.  


During this two-hour drive we could look across the river an see the nation of Jordan to our left, and the hills of the Judean wilderness hills the right.


Not far from Jericho we stopped at a spot on the Jordan River that has only been open to the public for the past few years, since it is a military zone.  Both Israel and Jordan made an agreement to allow Christians to visit this spot which is believed to be the area where John the Baptist ministered and where he baptized Jesus.  The Israeli government has built ramps and made this spot very accessible for Christians to conduct baptismal services.  Here Mike and I read the scriptures about Jesus’ baptism, and the Holy Spirit descending on Jesus in the form of a dove.  It is here that the Father also spoke and affirmed Jesus as His Son.  We noted that this is one of the times in Scripture that all three expressions of the Godhead are identified.   


After Jesus’ baptism the Holy Spirit drove Him into the wilderness, where He was tempted for forty days by the devil.  We spent time in prayer, thanking Him for all He endured for us, then continued on our journey toward Jerusalem.  Along the way we encountered a man with his camels, and arranged for Mike to have his first camel ride.  I have done it several times in the past and had no desire to repeat the experience.


We continued through Jerusalem to Tel Aviv and checked into the Guest House where we will spend the night. It is run by believers and is the same place where I will be ministering tomorrow to the wonderful congregation led by Avi Mizrachi.


We concluded our day by going to Avi's home and joining with his family for their weekly Shabot dinner.  He pronounced the Jewish blessings, explaining the significance of each, then blessed the wine and grape juice (Mike and I had grape juice) and the bread, and broke it and put salt on it and passed it around.  Each of us broke a piece off and ate.


This tradition was followed by a wonderful meal and great fellowship.  During our visit the family shared their experiences of living with the threat of rockets coming into their area at any time, and explained why every home, including theirs, has a bomb shelter.  It emphasized the fact that it is very different visiting this land than it is living here on a daily basis.  We are so thankful that, during our visit, the ceasefire has been holding.


As I look toward the Healing School and ministry tomorrow, I thank the Lord for the opportunity to be here.  I am feeling so renewed and refreshed.

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