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Sep 29, 2014

Western Healing Revival Tour

Western Healing Revival Tour


Edmonton, AB, September 19-21


Pastors Rick & Judy Hilsden of The Peace Place were our hosts for a three-day series of Healing Revival meetings in Edmonton.  It was evident that the congregation had prepared with prayer and promotion for weeks prior to the meetings, as we sensed both expectancy and faith.  As I preached I asked the Lord to create in the hearers’ hearts a passion for revival in our nation.  I exhorted believers to ‘stand on guard’ for Canada’s founding biblical principles, and reminded them that, in order to dispel darkness in our nation, Christians must ‘arise and shine’ by the power of the Spirit within them.


During the Saturday morning Healing School, I taught the principles of both receiving and ministering healing, and Gwen led the congregation in activating these principles, as they prayed for one another.  The result was a number of testimonies from people who had received God’s miracle-working touch in their lives.  That evening many more reported that they too had been healed.  Some of these reports from the services included:

- A woman who had suffered both pain and limitation due to scleroderma of the skin, sensed relief and improvement after prayer.

- A man reported that pain from a blood clot in his leg had disappeared.

- Another young man testified that Bill had prayed for him previously because of a knee problem and a stuttering condition.  He said that at that time Bill had given him a prophetic word saying, “As you set your focus on the Lord your healing will come.”  Over the following months he heeded the word, and discovered that symptoms of both conditions began to disappear.  As we engaged in conversation with him, the only time he hesitated over was the word “stutter”, but all the words he spoke giving glory to God flowed perfectly!

-A lady testified to the amazing miracle she received in a Miracle Service we conducted in Ottawa forty years ago.  She had suffered a severe diabetic reaction, and was in a deep coma that threatened to take her life.  Her husband left her side just long enough to come to the meeting and request urgent prayer for her.  When he returned to the hospital his wife was perfectly well, and she has enjoyed total freedom from the condition ever since.  When God does a miracle, He does a lasting work!

We climaxed the weekend on Sunday morning with a glorious time of worship, the Word and ministry, and rejoiced in all the Lord had done.


Lethbridge, AB, September 24th

From Edmonton, we drove south to Lethbridge, AB, where I had the privilege of ministering at Third Day Worship Centre, with Pastors Dick & Joan Deweert.  Many testimonies followed a wonderful time of worship and the Word.  One woman reported that she had been suffering for many weeks with pneumonia and fluid on her lungs which had subsequently triggered a condition of thrush in her mouth.  As the Holy Spirit moved, she realized that all the pain and other symptoms had disappeared.


Someone else reported significant improvement in their eyesight.  Another woman said that as she worshipped, she began to feel heat in her feet, and all the pain she’d had suddenly disappeared.  Others reported healing from pain in the neck and shoulders, a painful condition caused by an accident, as well as a breathing condition healed.  In just one evening, the Lord touched many lives and encouraged others to persevere to receive all God has in store for them.


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