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Oct 27, 2014

September 23, 2014

Canada has just experienced one of the most heinous attacks in our recent history.  A home-grown terrorist viciously gunned down an unarmed soldier as he guarded the Canadian War Memorial, a symbol of national pride.  He then breached security on Parliament Hill and was stopped by the heroic acts of the Sergeant-At-Arms and supporting security staff just feet away from where our Prime Minister and most of the MP’s were meeting.  These unprecedented attacks in Ottawa followed another tragic shooting of an armed forces officer in Quebec only days prior.

These horrific events have unified the nation like nothing else, but for believers, it has made us realize that, as the Bible predicted, in the last days perilous times will come.  It also reinforced the urgency I have sensed and God’s mandate on my life for the past few years, to call our nation back to God, and to mobilize Christians to ‘stand on guard’ for the founding Biblical values upon which Canada was built.  This message was burning in my spirit on Thursday as I ministered to the Third Day Worship Centre congregation in Ottawa,    

The Fathers of Confederation chose Psalm 72:8 as Canada’s vision and motto: “He shall have dominion from sea to sea,” but our nation has drifted far from its purpose.  Many have rejected the ideals of tradition marriage, the sanctity of life, morality and righteousness.  As I preached and encouraged believers to arise and shine in the midst of darkness, the Holy Spirit touched many hearts, and His presence began to move among us, as spontaneous healings started taking place.

A woman who had been suffering intense spinal pain that severely limited her life reported complete release from pain, as she bent, twisted and moved freely.  She was scheduled for surgery to fuse her spine in November, but was rejoicing and declared that it would no longer be necessary.

Other healings included release from tightness in the lungs and the ability to breathe deeply; pain gone from a man’s knee, caused by a torn meniscus; healing from three neck injuries that caused limitation and pain; no more severe headache because of disc problems, and many more.

The most encouraging result was the determination and commitment I sensed among the people to take up the challenge to ‘stand on guard’ and to make an impact on this present generation.  Canada shall be saved!

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