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Nov 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

For the past year Michael and Darlene Clark have been living in Repulse Bay on the Arctic Circle, representing BPEA.  During this year they have mentored and encouraged the local leaders how to lead their people, and poured their hearts into the youth and children.  Many lives have been touched and changed because of their sacrifice. It has been especially gratifying to see the younger generation become engaged in the things of God as Michael and Darlene took them under their wings.

During their time in Repulse Bay the Clarks also helped coordinate the building program and shipping of the materials needed for the new centre.  Through the generosity of our partners and other ministries, everything is now on site and paid for, and ready for construction in the spring.  These first steps have been an important part of our vision for the north, and what they have accomplished will reap eternal rewards. 

This phase of our ministry has been vital.  As the Clarks have accomplished all that they can to prepare local leaders, they feel it is time to move back south, and to allow the local Inuit to assume full leadership of the congregation.  The Clarks will return home in time to enjoy the Christmas season with their family and friends.  Michael and Darlene will always be my heroes, and they have been such a huge part of seeing the north changed.

We feel we are now ready to move into the next phase of ministry in the north, and that is the launch of the Arctic Hope Project.  This is the healing and equipping program we have envisioned that is designed to see Inuit youth throughout the north healed in their spirits, give them hope for the future, and equip them to become effective leaders to their own generation. 

Steven and Becky Carleton will be overseeing this program, which will include specialized ministries to address the deep needs of the youth, and help them rise above their circumstances, healed and whole.  As plans are unfolding, and as we await the completion of the Repulse Bay building, we see the value of taking the Arctic Hope Project to various communities as well, to see youth redeemed, restored and equipped to impact their peers.  Steven will also share his own story in the schools, telling how, as a young abused Inuit, he found healing and hope through the power of God. 

I am truly thankful for all the Lord has accomplished through our ministry to the Arctic over the past forty years, and believe it has been preparation for the new season that lies ahead.  I look forward to seeing the Arctic Hope Project become reality as we continue to pour into the wonderful people of Canada’s north.

Thank you for standing with us as we push forward and see God’s Kingdom established in Inuit hearts and lives.  As we partner together, Canada shall be saved!



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