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Sep 09, 2015

Bill Prankard reaches Sweden!

Arken Church, Sweden:

It has been thrilling to minister internationally for the past four weeks.  After two wonderful healing conferences in England, and eight days in Israel, the land of the Bible, I began three days of ministry at Arken Church in Sweden, where our dear friends, Pastors Gunnar and Linda Bergling lead a dynamic ministry.

Because the Berglings have always emphasized the Word, healing, missions and outreach, the believers in this church were more than ready to drink in all that the Lord had for them.  I began with two services on Sunday and was encouraged to see the people responding to the messages. 

On Monday morning I taught courses on the Holy Spirit all day at their Bible School.  They discovered that the Holy Spirit’s anointing comes out of relationship with the third person of the Trinity.  They were particularly interested to hear my personal testimony, about my visit to a Kathryn Kuhlman miracle service and my subsequent dynamic encounter that launched us into healing ministry in 1972.  At the conclusion of the sessions it was a privilege to lay hands on each student, and believe with them for their own personal, fresh encounter with the Holy Spirit. 

On Monday evening we had another public service, and I sensed an atmosphere charged with expectancy and faith.  The response was so great, it appeared that everyone who came with pain in their bodies was  healed.  The healing anointing became strong when a release of praise erupted among the congregation.

I taught at the Bible a School again on Tuesday and focused on the Biblical basis for healing. Once again, I laid hands on the students that they would not only absorb the truths they had heard, but that healing anointing would be released in their lives, and they would become bold, passionate healing evangelists everywhere they go.

I know that part of our mandate in these last days is to raise up an army of healing evangelists, which made it particularly gratifying to be able to pour into the hundreds of students and the congregation of faith-filled believers.  I believe they will go forth and do the works of God as they become His hands and voices to their nation.

In the final service on Tuesday evening faith was high and the Spirit’s anointing was strong.  Many were touched by the message and by the presence of the Holy Spirit.  I again encouraged them to step into the supernatural, and encouraged each person to come forward to receive prayer as Gunnar, Linda and I a “mini-fire tunnel” for them to pass through.  I paraphrased the words of astronaut Neil Armstrong, telling them to step into a new season of the supernatural.  This “one small step for man” would become a giant step for mankind as God’s power would be released through them.  The place was permeated with joy, and each of sensed a major shift had taken place – a shift that would propel them to do wonderful works in Christ’s name!

I believe my visit to Arken Church was a Divine appointment, and God was honoured.  As I shared videos of the work BPEA is doing in the north, and particularly about the Arctic Hope Project, many caught the urgency of what we are doing, as they gave a special missions offering to see suicide eradicated in the north, and the Arctic Hope Centre completed.

I am thankful to every partner who prays and supports so we can take healing to the world.  I am also thankful that while I was overseas, our Russian worker Igor led a team to minister on the arctic circle in Russia, and Steven led a team to the arctic circle in Canada.  As we work together and with support of you, our partners, the vision is being fulfilled!

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