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Oct 30, 2015

Arctic Hope Project #2

Day 1 - Arriving in Cape Dorset

Good Morning from Cape Dorset!!

Our team arrived into Cape Dorset around 3:00pm EST with no delays or cancellations! For travelling in the north with a team of eight, that's pretty well a miracle! smile emoticon We had beautiful weather all the way thru and were so thankful to arrive on time. Claire did incredibly well for her first flight. Usually the change in air pressure can be really hard on a baby's ears, but she didn't even seem to notice! We had a bit of a rest and then enjoyed a Caribou tenderloin dinner at the hotel. Afterward many of the team were quite tired, so we turned in early.

Claire did really really well for sleeping in a place other than her own room. She went down without much of a fuss and only woke up once. So THANK YOU for all of your prayers!! She really seems to be enjoying her time here and has made our little space her own.

This morning we had breakfast and spent a bit of time talking about the youth conference this weekend, as well as praying together. There is a real sense of expectancy for what the Father is going to do in this community and as a team, we're so excited to be partnering with His heart.

One of the things we were feeling is that the Father wants to manifest His presence in really creative ways, ways that will be very personal and meaningful to the Inuit and their culture here. Whether that be thru the Northern Lights, the land, dreams, visions, etc. So continue to believe with us that we'll see this entire community impacted in a way they've never experienced before!

There is already a noticeable buzz in the community, even compared to the last time Steven and the team were here. People are hungry and very curious about who we are and why we are here, so we're really praying that the Holy Spirit would continue to draw people's hearts out to the service tonight.

We'll be spending the afternoon getting the worship team setup at the church and inviting people to come out tonight. So please continue to pray for open hearts and that people would come and receive incredible encounters with God.

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