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Oct 31, 2015

Arctic Hope Project #2

Day 2 - Second day of AHP Youth Conference

Good Morning from Cape Dorset!

We had an incredible start to our first youth conference service last night! At the beginning of the night, we had a headcount of 52 people! Literally a packed house! The majority of those were youth, children and young mothers with their babies. But then we began to notice that throughout the service a few more kids would straggle in here and there, so we really could have had closer to 60+ by the time the time the night was done!

Travis brought an amazing word about God knowing exactly where each of us are. He shared about how God is a good Father and that He wants each of us to know and recognize His voice. We had eleven make decisions for Christ and afterward invited everyone come up to the front and just lay on the floor. Travis then took everyone thru an exercise where they prayed a simple prayer, “Who do You say I am?” and then encouraged them just to wait quietly and listen for what God would speak back. A few shared the different things they were hearing, but others were frustrated, because they said all they could hear was their pain. We continued to minister and pray for a silencing of the voices and memories that were tormenting them, that they would be able to hear the voice of their Father. There were a lot of tears and most of them came from a few of the smallest kids there, as well as a few of the young mothers. We then went thru and prayed for everyone who came forward and you could really feel the presence of God as we went from one person to the next.

We had a bit of a challenge with Claire stealing so much attention during the service! She was constantly shadowed by a solid group of anywhere from 3 or 4 to 10 kids! They were all so fascinated and just wanted to play with her. It was a really sweet sight to see. smile emoticon

This afternoon Braden, Ty & Parkor will be hosting a musician workshop at the church for any of the kids in the community that are interested. There’s already a good handful that are absolutely ecstatic and can’t wait to get started!

Reepa will be arriving later this afternoon at around 3:30pm EST and will be staying with us until Thursday. She’ll be working with our group of ten students from Monday to Wednesday, as well as helping to counsel and debrief with the local teachers, mental health worker and youth worker. There a number of people who have been saying how excited they are to see her again!

Then tonight we’ll move into our second service, but bearing in mind that it will be Halloween, it’ll be more focused on prayer and worship. The local Trick or Treating runs from 4:00pm-6:00pm, so we’re really praying that many of the same kids will bring their friends and come out afterward.

On a side note, it is SO COLD here! The temperature isn’t too bad in and of itself, but the wind chill has been pretty brutal. I don’t think Claire Really likes being bundled in so many restrictive layers, but on the other hand, she has started singing to herself while she’s riding around in my amauti, so she’s definitely enjoying the ride regardless. smile emoticon

Thank you again for all your prayers!! We have such an incredible team with us this time around and Steven and I couldn’t be more thankful to have each and every one of them.

Please continue to pray for divine favour and a move in this community. Last night was an  amazing start, but we really feel there is SO so much more to come!

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