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Nov 02, 2015

Arctic Hope Project #2

Update #4 - Sunday night, Monday & Tuesday

Good Morning from Cape Dorset!

It's been a very busy few days and we've had a really poor wifi signal, so I apologize for the delayed update!

As promised, here are a few more details from our amazing last service at the AHP youth conference!

On the Sunday night, the Full Gospel church was almost at full capacity and standing room only (70+ people!) There was a real sense of the Kingdom in the room as Travis gave a great message on forgiveness and walked everyone thru a process of letting their pain and burdens go. Afterward the team prayed for everyone using a fire tunnel/prayer line and each person was visibly touched by Holy Spirit. There were little children just weeping as the walked thru the fire tunnel, encountering God in ways they'd never experienced before. There were also a number of healings, including one woman who had pain on her entire left side. Travis had had similar symptoms before the trip, but after his doctor couldn't find anything wrong, he felt he may have been feeling that way for someone who needed a similar healing. That night he called it out in the service and it wasn't until afterward that we learned of this woman who had been absolutely healed in that area of her body!

It is so evident that God is doing something incredibly special here in Cape Dorset. Just in walking around town since the youth conference, people who we've never met before tell us that the Arctic Hope project is making a difference in this community!

Reepa has continued hosting our Resiliency Workshops and we've averaged 7 teenage boys per day, which is amazing! Normally they're the first to leave and don't come back, but we have only had boys in this course! They have been absolutely captivated and attentive to everything Reepa has shared and are clearly hungry to learn.

Last night Steven was able to sit down and meet with the 'Youth Committee' which was started after our first AHP course in April. It was a very timely meeting as it was the first time the committee had met since the high school burnt down. Steven said he felt these young people have a real heavenly momentum behind them and will be partnering with them to ensure they have everything they need to continue making a difference in Cape Dorset.

Tonight Reepa will be hosting a 'community healing-circle' at The Full Gospel church which will be open to the whole community. It will be a time where people from the community can come and share about how they've been feeling since the school burnt down last month, as well as talk about any other challenges they've been facing. Thus far we've had an incredibly enthusiastic response from those we've invited to come just at the grocery store and around town. It's so apparent that people are hungry and looking for a place to begin a healing process.

Thank you again for all of your prayers and support! We feel so honoured and privileged to be partnering with God and His dream for this community.

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