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Nov 03, 2015

Arctic Hope Project #2

Update #5 - Wednesday

Good Morning from Cape Dorset!

We are in the the final stretch and have been so impacted by everything that God has been doing in this community!

We finished our Resiliency Workshop yesterday with seven male students as well as the local youth and mental health worker in attendance. It was a fantastic way to close out such a great few days! Initially we were planning to move into the Roundtable phase of our program, but due to poor weather conditions Tagak Curley was unable to fly out of Rankin Inlet. All remaining flights have also been delayed, so we were faced with a bit of dilemma as to whether to continue with that portion of the program.

Tagak plays an absolutely essential and critical role in these discussions and if we were to push ahead without him, we felt as though it would be quite forced. Reepa also felt that given the short time she spent with the students, they still had a long way to go healing wise before they would be ready to fully participate in a Roundtable discussion of that nature. After dialoging further with both Reepa and Tagak, we all decided that ending on a high note with the Workshop was going to be the best decision. The Youth Committee have also committed to including our new students in their committee, as well as continuing to work closely with Steven on a monthly basis and with Tagak as he is able.

Last night we had a powerful time at the ‘community healing-circle’ with over 25 in attendance, including the youth and mental health workers and the local pastors, Matthew & Martha Jaw. There was such a beautiful raw vulnerability in the room, as well as a lot of tears. Reepa did a phenomenal job of facilitating and we heard from so many afterward how much they appreciated being given a place to come and talk through their own healing process. The entire session was predominantly in Inuktitut, but you could tell it meant so much to participants to have someone like Reepa able to facilitate in their own language. I had so many young women come up and want to talk with me afterward. There was such an openness and a desire for relationship, so I am so looking forward to our next trip as well keeping in touch with many of them thru Facebook.

We just want to say and HUGE Thank You for all of your prayers and support! God exceeded our expectations in so many ways on this trip and we know this is only the beginning!

Please continue to keep all of our participants in your prayers as we transition back to Ottawa. We really feel there has been something started, a momentum that will continue after we’re gone, but we still want to cover all of the leaders that we’ve been working with, that God would continue to lead and empower them, as well as all of our participants. We'll be keeping in close contact with this community as well as communicating with them on a regular basis.

Please also pray for travelling mercies for all of us as we make our journeys home over the next few days. Reepa flew out of Cape Dorset this morning and Steven, Claire, Julia and I will be returning to Ottawa tomorrow.

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