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Jun 10, 2016

Hope for Attawapiskat!

Bill Prankard and Steven Carleton have just returned from an important mission to Attawapiskat, ON, the northern First Nations community that has been the object of many news reports.  This community situated near James Bay has suffered numerous problems, including poverty, floods and housing shortages. More recently a report of several attempted suicides caused the Chief to declare a state of emergency.  The Lord laid it on Bill and Steven’s hearts to travel to Attawapiskat to meet with key community leaders, to ask for their blessing on their plans to conduct a large, community-wide outreach later in the fall.

Bill and Steven flew into Attawapiskat on June 9th in response to the recent influx of youth suicides.

Bill and Steven’s arrival at 2pm on June 9th was divinely ordered, as the Chief was scheduled to fly out that evening for a meeting with the Prime Minister the following day.  They were able to meet briefly with the Chief and Deputy-Chief in the afternoon to build relationships and to share what the Lord has done in native communities in the past.  Bill reminded him about BPEA’s involvement in Attawapiskat over the years, including providing food and clothing and completely furnishing 22 new homes that were provided by the government.  Bill’s grandson, Wes, also raised the funds to build a wonderful playground for the community’s children.

Bill Prankard stands beside the playground that his grandson, Wes Prankard, raised funds to build it.

Steven shared about his current involvement with the Arctic Hope Project in Cape Dorset, Nunavut, where he is seeing amazing results as he works with youth.  As Bill explained the details of their plans to take a large ministry team to Attawapiskat in the fall to reach out to every age group, the Chief and Deputy Chief encouraged them to proceed and said they would welcome the team in the fall.  This is God’s favour! 

Bill and Steven had a divine appointment with the Chief and Deputy Chief of Attawapiskat and shared the vision of the Arctic Hope Project!

Next, they met with the Chairman of the Education Board, who is responsible for all programming conducted within the elementary and high schools.  He was very impressed with what has been accomplished through the Arctic Hope Project, especially since it provides elements that are different than the many professional support groups that have been offering their expertise in recent months.  Of course, we know that, in addition to the unique youth-elder involvement of AHP, we also have a ‘secret weapon’ – the power of the Holy Spirit – to transform hurting, broken young lives!   He too gave his blessing on the plans for the fall.

Steven and Bill met with the Chairman of the Education Board and shared the vision and success of AHP.

Bill spoke that evening at the local Pentecostal church about the faith that Abraham had when the Lord told him that he would have a son, even though it was impossible for his wife to conceive.  He said there may be some things in Attawapiskat that appear impossible, but the Lord has the solution for the community’s problems, and it is time for the believers in Attawapiskat to dig in their heels and believe what God says over the reserve!

At the Pentecostal Church in Attawapiskat, Bill encouraged the people saying "...God said that He would pour out His Spirit on all flesh, and that means Attawapiskat!"

The following morning Bill and Steven did a live interview by phone on Sudbury’s Christian Radio Station, KFM 95.5.  Bill and Steven were pleased to bring a good report to the listeners and supporters of KFM, who completely sponsored the trip.  They encouraged the listeners to pray for Steven who was scheduled to give his testimony to the entire high school later that afternoon.

Steven shared his testimony of overcoming the effects of abuse by the Power of God to the high school students.

Two assemblies were held, one for the in the elementary grades, and another for high school students.  The First Nations Christian band “Broken Walls” were also in Attawapiskat and ministered through their music to the students.  Steven had the opportunity to speak to the entire body of high school students, and shared his testimony of healing from the trauma of sexual abuse when he was a teenager.  He encouraged them to believe that it is absolutely possible for God to heal any and all of their emotional or mental trauma.

During the high school assembly, Steven said that " is absolutley possible to he healed of abuse!"

There were likely several students in the crowd who could relate to Steven’s experience, as abuse is rampant in many of the First Nation’s community, and Attawapiskat in particular has had numerous attempted suicides among young people.  They paid close attention as Steven shared, and we believe that the Holy Spirit used his message to spark hope in their hearts.

We want to encourage you to begin praying now for the community-wide outreach we are planning to do in Attawapiskat in the fall of 2016.  We’re believing God to touch the entire community with His love and healing.  Outreaches like this are made possible as you, our partners pray and give generously to the ministries of BPEA.

Canada shall be saved!

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