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Jun 27, 2016

Powerful Ministry at Third Arctic Hope Course!

Hello all who support and partner with BPEA! What a time to minister and serve the Lord in Canada! 

Steven Carleton and the Arctic Hope Project team have just returned from the third Arctic Hope Project course in Cape Dorset, NU, and what a trip it was! In Matthew 9:37, the Lord said that “...the harvest truly is plentiful, but the labourers are few”. The harvest in Cape Dorset is truly great, and we were able to win many souls to the Lord! This course was by far the most powerful that we have had so far!

The harvest in Cape Dorset is ripe! Inuit young people are hungry for Jesus in their lives!

The AHP event began with a great community-wide conference designed for Inuit young people.  In addition to soul-stirring worship, led by Braden Scharfenburg, conference speaker Travis Holownia ministered powerfully, emphasizing the value God places on each of them, and taught them how to defeat the enemy who has tried to rob them of their value. The message powerfully touched the hearts of all ages. At the conclusion of the service, the team prayed for people for close to one-and-a-half hours. Many rededicated their hearts to Jesus.  A few older men, whom we suspect were victims of sexual abuse several years ago, really received healing in their hearts. The youth that were involved in burning the high school down last September were in the service, and had a major moment of receiving the healing love of Jesus for the first time. One young lady in this group responded to the invitation to participate in the AHP course, where she learned about the power of forgiving yourself! It was a powerful service, perhaps the most impacting that we have had yet.

It was a packed church in Cape Dorset as Inuit youth encountered the Kindness of God!

The all-Inuit team leaders included Nunavut founder, Tagak Curly, Reepa Evic-Carleton, co-founder of Canada’s only Inuit trauma and addictions treatment centre, and AHP Director Steven Carleton, who all minister emotional healing from a cultural, Christian perspective. All three were together with 10 Inuit youth who were hand selected by the team members. The youth were selected because the Lord was already moving in their lives through the ministry they received at the conference, and it became immediate mentorship for them. The youth learned about forgiveness and the effects of the abuses that the Inuit culture has endured over the last 60 years. Many of their relatives would have experienced very traumatic events, and this helped explain to the youth why Cape Dorset has so many needs. They also learned why we have such need for Holy Spirit in our hearts, because God can heal very broken lives.

The youth leadership course provided mentoring for those who God was moving on during the Youth Conference!

During one of the services during the week, one of the male youth members was healed of ear and back pain! He had been complaining about it all day, and then the anointing power of God touched his body and he was healed in a moment! In the same service, one of the female members felt Holy Spirit ask her to forgive her father. She knew, based on Steven and Reepa’s testimonies of forgiving, that it brings tremendous freedom to their personal lives. She asked to be prayed for by Tagak and Steven, and she audibly forgave her father. Immediately, the kindness of God fell on her and she began to weep! What a day of healing! 

Tagak Curley and Dan Callado pray for one of the young people during the leadership course!

The youth and elder roundtable started with Tagak Curley sharing how God blesses our lives when we give honour to the leaders in our lives.  To demonstrate this principle, the Mayor of Cape Dorset was invited to bring greetings to the youngsters. He was honoured by Steven and the boy that was healed, with a gift, and then was prayed over by a representative of each of the churches in Cape Dorset. They all prayed the blessing and anointing of God to fill him and give him Godly wisdom. It was a picture of what honour looks like, and was also a powerful example to the youth. 

Pastors from Cape Dorset pray for and bless the Mayor and a Community Councilor!

The leadership course concluded on Friday June 24, and it was sealed in prayer and in the presence of God! The young people felt that they were empowered to start positively impacting their friends and family. Steven will remain in close contact with each of the youth involved, and will be returning to Cape Dorset in August for some follow-up work. 

Cape Dorset experienced the power of Christ's love during the Arctic Hope Project!

It was the most powerful and community impacting time that we have had so far! There was such a tangible presence of God, and each member of the AHP team felt that there was an open heaven over Cape Dorset. We know it was because of the many partners and supporters of BPEA calling on heaven to invade this community. Thank you for making it possible for suicide to be stopped in Nunavut, and also for believing that Canada shall be saved! We continue to fight the good fight in Canada’s North, and you are fighting alongside us!

God Bless you!

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