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Nov 14, 2016


Hello partners across Canada and around the world! Steven Carleton has just returned from Cape Dorset, Nunavut, from the fourth Arctic Hope Project course. It was an incredible week of BREAKTHROUGH. The movement of hope is continuing to expand and take hold in Cape Dorset, as God continues to heal broken lives!

The course started with a Youth Conference lead by an entirely Inuit team! Everyone from the speakers to the worship team is Inuit. James and Looee Arreak from Iqaluit brought their worship team from the Iqaluit Christian Fellowship church. Both James and Looee were featured in the Transformation videos which highlighted the miraculous visitation of the Lord at the church in Pond Inlet, Nunavut, several years ago, when the entire church shook as the presence of God was manifested among them!

James and Looee Arreak from the Iqaluit Christian Fellowship leading the worship for the AHP Youth Conference!

The opening night of the Arctic Hope Conference was lead by Steven Carleton as he spoke about the vision of Arctic Hope, and the Heart of God for Nunavut. The majority of those who attended were youth of former Arctic Hope Leadership courses. 

On Saturday night, Inuit, young and old, came and worshipped the name of the Lord, and a mighty praise was given to Him. Looee Arreak preached about Jacob’s identity change after he wrestled with the angel of the Lord. It was a powerful message about how we must want change in our lives, and that the Lord empowers that change by His Spirit! She proclaimed the Word of God to close to 100 who filled the church to capacity, and many people came to the altar for ministry. 

It was a full church on Saturday night as Inuit came and encountered the presence of God!

The final night was cold and blizzardy, but again, Inuit entered the presence of God! The church was packed as James Arreak ministered the Word of God. He took a few moments to honour the elders in the service, and six elders came forward in response to his invitation. The entire congregation audibly thanked them for their lives and sacrifices made for Cape Dorset, and two of the elders began to weep. It was a powerful moment of honouring those who have come before us, and the presence of Holy Spirit was felt by many in that moment. James spoke about the Love and Kindness of God, and that His heart for everyone is incredible! The altar was full of youth and parents and many people felt the Love of God, some for the first time!

Inuit young and old came to the alter to receive prayer for deliverence and healing! It was a powerful moment.

Monday morning Tagak Curley and Steven began the Leadership Development course with eight youth in attendance. Tagak Curley is the founding father of Nunavut, and his accomplishments have awarded him such high honours as the Order of Canada. He talked about what principles kept him grounded throughout his life, and he said a strong Inuit identity and a close relationship with God inspired him to do everything that he did. Tagak and Steven taught from the Bible the commands of God, like honouring our parents to honouring the Lord with our tithes. The eight youth took pages and pages of notes, and many seeds were planted in their hearts. 

As the Arctic Hope courses were taking place, we received a very encouraging message from Elaine Baillie, a teacher at Fort Saskatchewan Christian School, saying, “The Grade 6 Prayer Team at Fort Saskatchewan Christian School prayed for those youth on Tuesday.  The students chose to give up their half-hour lunch recess time, to cry out to God for the youth of Cape Dorset. I was very touched by the things they prayed about, being clearly led by Holy Spirit.” What a blessing this was, and I can assure them that God has responded in a mighty way to prayers, by healing hearts and transforming the lives of the young men and women we ministered to.  

At the service held on Wednesday night at the church, Tagak spoke about the power of God’s love. The church was filled to near-capacity, including many children. During the altar call a group of young boys came forward for prayer. Steven ministered to one five year old boy, and the sweet presence of the Lord fell on the boy. The boy began to weep as he asked Jesus to come into his life. He ran to his mother and the pair began to weep together as a healing was taking place. The Holy Spirit continued to minister to this boy even as he sat with his close friends afterwards. It was a picture of the healing that I believe is going to take place among families in communities across Nunavut!

A community healing-circle took place with 25 mothers and fathers. The presence of God touched each person, and some talked about their deepest shame!

Reepa Eric-Carleton arrived on Tuesday afternoon and began her emotional healing workshops with the young people on Wednesday morning. She explained the Inuit history and consequences of cultural assimilation, and how the Inuit way of life has completely changed in a very quick time period. She taught the young leaders about abuse and the effect it has on our emotional and spiritual health, as well as practical ways to find healing. 

Breakthrough took place during the emotional healing workshop for five of our girls. They opened up about their deepest shames, and said that these experiences have caused them to often have suicidal thoughts. It was the first time that any of them ever shared these things, and we were able to minister to them! They all asked for prayer and the help of Holy Spirit. Thank God for His wonderful healing work! 

One of the young girls who was dramatically healed by the Love of God during our healing workshops!

The Arctic Hope Project concluded for 2016 on Friday, November 11. The girls who asked for ministry all came to say goodbye as well as many from the youth conference. Reepa, Tagak and Steven recognized a significant difference in each of the girls who received prayer the previous day. There was a joy in their smiles and in their eyes! 

BPEA partners need to understand that there is an enormous healing work taking place in Nunavut, and it is due to your prayers and support. Each young person who encounters God’s love for the first time is the result of your decision to support the ministry. Canada’s most at-risk youth are choosing life because of the powerful Love of God, and suicide is being stopped one life at a time. 

Many Inuit youth responded to the presence of God! Lives are being changed as a result of BPEA Partners!

Steven is planning a follow-up trip in January, 2017, and also the fifth Arctic Hope course in April 2017. 

Thank you for your partnership in seeing Canada’s highest suicide rates stopped by the Power of God! Lives are being changed and young people are choosing life over death. Nunavut shall be saved!

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