Sep 20, 2018

Fresh Hope Leaders Conference!

Hello everyone! 


Bill and Steven have completed their Fresh Hope Inuit leaders conference in Iqaluit, Nunavut! This was one of the single most anticipated events of this year and it was an incredible conference! The focus of the conference was to bring pastors and leaders from across Nunavut together to dream and learn how they might reach young people in their communities! 


Inuit leaders came from across the territory to be at the Fresh Hope Conference!


Nunavut has the highest suicide rates in Canada, and this conference was a way of inspiring hope in the pastors and elders lives so that they could return to their communities and reach their young people! 


Elders ministered to young, emerging leaders at the Leaders conference!


There were over 45 Inuit leaders who came to the Fresh Hope conference, and in that was many teenagers! We spent time in the presence of God and dreamed of what Nunavut would be like if we were able to minister to teenagers in these communities! 


Young and old were filled with fresh hope and passion to take back to their communities!


Bill and Steven ministered to the Inuit that came, and so did Inuit pastors who have had many teenagers in their churches! On the Saturday afternoon we had breakout sessions where Inuit shared ideas on how they could reach teenagers in their hometowns, and it was a incredible time! 


Fresh Hope is spreading across Nunavut!