Apr 8, 2024

Champions of Hope Update

We have much to celebrate this year with our Champions of Hope project. We have completed our first full year and have launched teams into several communities: Kinngait, Rankin Inlet, Cambridge Bay, Naujaat, Arviat and Baker Lake. This year we will be adding Nain, LB to the list as well. As all projects develop, we will be taking much of this year to work out many details to help us reach our goal of seeing suicide end in Nunavut and disciples raised up across the North who can make other disciples.



Our biggest celebration for Champions is the lives saved in Kinngait. Formerly Cape Dorset, thiscommunity has had a difficult history, including high suicide rates. Our ministry firmly believes that God is above all things; including suicides. In 2023, there was not a single life taken by suicide! Not only is that something to celebrate, but knowing that 30+ suicides had taken place over the previous 2 years, makes it much more worth celebrating. Jesus is on the move in Kinngait! Are things perfect yet? No, and we are not claiming that; we are claiming that Jesus has been on the move and lives ARE being SAVED. That is a great report! Our heart is to see this happen right across Nunavut, the Territories and this nation.


One of the greatest proponents in seeing this happen, what really sets the work of Champions apart from others, is prayer. Matthew 19:26 says, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” And we believe that ending suicide is impossible with man. BUT NOT FOR OUR GOD! We have nearly 500 people praying every single week for Canada’s north, over each community, each request and each situation that we encounter. People who are praying are people who are seeing changes. God has heard the cries of this nation and has intervened to cause a radical shift to happen. Keep on praying! 

If you want to join our Warriors in prayer search “Warriors of Hope” on Facebook and follow to stay up to date.

We have a few great projects in the works for the year ahead. Jacob just got back from Coral Habour for a conference during Easter, we will have teams across the North heading back to their designated communities and online youth gatherings will be launching! Thank you to all of our partners who have made this year possible. We long to see everyone have the chance to be free and live for God, “From sea to sea and from the river to the ends of the Earth”!