Feb 2, 2024

End of 2023 Update

We are currently into the first week of February 2024 and are still celebrating all the amazing things that God did last year! Thanks to your faithful partnership God is raising up an army across Canada that is seeing the gospel and healing go forth “from sea to sea and from the river to the ends of the earth.”

September had our Champions of Hope team returning to Kinngait (formerly Cape Dorset) where they served for a week. This was a powerful trip. Jacob accompanied the leaders to develop relationships and do research into launching our first full time missionaries one day to Kinngait. Jenn Kloosterman led the team in outreach, youth ministry and services. The most impactful time was during a several-day plane delay. The team posted an open invitation on Facebook to local believers to join them to minister house-to-house. We visited several homes that needed a spiritual deliverance and with several giving their lives to Jesus. Our team has connected with some of these individuals and is now discipling them before they return in the spring.

In October Bill and Jacob travelled to Edmonton where they joined dear friend Samuel Robinson for their “RISE UP” Conference, calling believers across the nation to rise up in this day and be bold in their faith. During the service Bill shared a timely word on the vision to see the gospel go forth with the vital element that the Book of Acts believers had: fresh fire. With Bill and Jacob demonstrating the power of merging generations and anointing, they laid hands on everyone for a fresh touch from God. It was a dynamic time as several hundred came through receiving something fresh from God.

A November highlight was our first team to minister in Rankin Inlet in years. Led by Kate Evans, the team spent 10 days ministering to as many in the community as they could. They met in homes, at church and wherever they could find people, with the team sharing the healing power of God and the good news of the gospel. One of the team members used his experience in welding to teach and equip locals in using a welder, and then generously gifted it to them as well. Our team is now discipling locals in their identity in Christ as well as preparing them to minister to their own community.

Jacob was able to be out on several occasions through November ministering in Frankford, Owen Sound and to a group online. Many people were touched with fresh fire and given the tools to share the gospel with others. God is still a healing God and is still saving people today.

The first week of this year Jacob flew west to Regina to join a team of evangelists to prepare for the next big stadium event. The team is preparing to fill Regina’s Mosaic stadium with thousands on June 7-8th. These types of events are a significant part of the vision Bill had 52 years ago and that

Jacob had 3 years ago – similar visions that brought them together – with stadiums filled across the nation and where young people went out into their towns to minister the gospel, healing and deliverance.