Sep 20, 2019

Igor's Boat Trip to Farkovo!

Our missionary, Igor Bogomol, has just returned from another trip to a remote Eastern region of
Arctic Russia which runs along the shore of a large river. He has been partnering with a bishop
by the name of Maxim Usachev who has a real heart for the local native people groups living on
the Arctic Circle and has a vision for reaching communities all the way to Alaska. On each of
these successive trips, the goal is to go further and further east whether by boat in the summer or
on a four-wheel drive in the winter visiting Evenki communities.

Igor Bogomol, Maxim Usachev and Vasiliy Evchik.

The boat Igor,  Maxim and Vasiliy used on their trip to Farkovo.

 On this trip, Igor and Maxim were also joined by Vasiliy Evchik, who is from Tatarstan and
serves as the assistant to the main bishop of the Pentecostal Union. Their small team set out by
boat to visit a community called Farkovo (population: 300) where they ran a program for
children with songs, a Bible story cartoon, and a salvation message. They counted about 40
children of different ages, including some teenagers and also some adults in attendance. At the
end of the presentation, they all gladly received Jesus into their hearts and were each given a
Bible and each child a small toy koala or kangaroo. Altogether 40 children and 10 adults prayed
the prayer to receive Jesus in their hearts! The hearts of these people in these remote regions are
so ready to hear the Gospel that all it takes is one person willing to go and they jump at the
opportunity to give their lives to Jesus

Igor with children who attended their children's program in Farkovo.

They also met a man who lived remotely in a wooden hut with his family. At first, he said that he
was an idol worshipper, but after Igor shared the Gospel with him and prayed for him, he said he
wanted to receive Jesus in his heart! He gave their team a whole bucket of blueberries and a big
glass jar of other northern berries. And they were able to give him a New Testament and tools for

Igor with a man who lives remotely with his family  in Eastern Arctic Russia and received Jesus during Igor's visit.

Thank you again for all of your prayers and support! God is moving in a mighty way in Arctic
Russia and we are seeing new ground taken and new souls coming to know Jesus with each and
every trip. Igor is hoping to make one more trip out to another remote region in Eastern Russia
before the end of the year, so we will keep you updated once we have dates confirmed.