Jan 7, 2021

Recap of 2020 and our plans for 2021!

Igor Bogomol traveling by tank to Ust Kara - December 2020.

Our Russian missionary Igor Bogomol has served BPEA in the high Arctic regions of Arctic Russia for over 20 years. Through the faithful support of our partners Igor made four mission trips in 2020 to isolated Inuit villages in both the Yamal and Vorkuta regions, as well as seeking out nomadic Nenet families who constantly travel across the Russian tundra following their migrating reindeer herds. In every location Igor lovingly presented the simple Gospel message to the unreached, mentored the many families who have become believers through our work in Arctic Russia over the years and provided every community with much-needed supplies of food and clothing.

One of the most difficult and hazardous of Igor’s four missions was to the needy community of Ust Kara, situated on the most northerly edge of the Russian tundra on the shores of the Kara Sea (Arctic Ocean). Until this year there were no roads from the regional capital of Vorkuta to Ust Kara, a humble, nearly forgotten village situated approximately 250 kms north. The only means of accessing the village was by travelling up to 48 hours one-way by tundra tank over the rough snow-covered tundra and across frozen rivers. Igor was thrilled to learn that a winter road now exists, which cut his travel time by more than half.

The mayor and residents of Ust Kara warmly welcomed Igor, remembering past visits when they heard the Gospel for the first time as Bill, Gwen and their team shared the Good News and delivered generous boxes of food, clothing, Bibles and toys for every family and provided school supplies and sports equipment for the local school. Until that time the school didn’t even have paper or pencils for the students to do their schoolwork. During this past mission Igor went door-to-door, ministering to as many families as possible and once again providing life-saving aid to each of them. In addition to leading precious lives to Jesus, he prayed for the sick and renewed friendships with families who had become believers during previous BPEA missions to their community. These precious Inuit people who literally live at the ends of the earth know that we love them and have not forgotten them. It is because of the faithful and generous support of our partners that Igor was able to minister so effectively to communities throughout Arctic Russia!


Steven Carleton preaching in Igloolik, NU.

In spite of the severe travel restrictions placed on us in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we determined to do all we could to continue the task of raising up effective young Inuit leaders in Nunavut, so we launched Champions of Hope, an online discipleship and leadership course taught by Steven Carleton. As this army of Christ followers take their place and reach others, we believe the Canadian Arctic can be transformed and set ablaze for Him!

This year we are believing God for restrictions to be lifted in northern First Nations reserves so that we can fulfill a fresh Hope for a Nation mandate. God willing, we plan to minister in Cree Nation communities of Northern Quebec in March. Please agree with us for hearts to be touched, lives to be made new and revival fires to burn in every heart! Thank you for standing with us with your prayers and generous support!