Sep 14, 2023

Timothy Conference

In August, BPEA hosted our first Timothy Conference. We brought in some of the leading global evangelists and leaders to pour into the next generations, with the goal of raising up an army of healing evangelists across the nations. It has been thrilling to receive so many wonderful testimonies of what God did and continues to do as witness to the power of God at work through this conference.


A major component of Bill Prankard’s vision is to do everything he can to raise up the coming generations to carry the torch of revival and healing evangelism across Canada. Each of our speakers carried the same purpose as they came to minister.

John Arnott, founder of Catch the Fire movement and Pastor during the Toronto Blessing, ministered powerfully the first night and felt the Lord’s leading to minister to the sick. We thank God for those who received physical healings. John also prayed for to all who were hungry for more of God and as the Holy Spirit was imparted many lives were touched and changed.

Each morning our speakers had the opportunity to sit down in a one-hour Question-and-Answer time with Bill and be asked questions from our attendees. It was a special time as we not only discovered more about their personal lives, but learned valuable lessons to apply as we reach out to others. For the remainder of each morning session the speakers ministered as they felt led.


Our afternoon sessions were highlights for many who attended. Roberts Liardon, International revival historian, shared the life stories of many of God’s great Generals, including Smith Wigglesworth, John G Lake, Kathryn Kuhlman and Aimee Semple-McPherson. A precious anointing came upon Roberts as he shared the stirring stories and many people told us how much it helped them see both the ministry lessons and the potential pitfalls to watch for in our own lives and ministry. One afternoon as Roberts laid hands on and ministered to people, a number of healings and deliverances were reported. 

Benny Hinn, founder of the Benny Hinn International Ministries, ministered in the second evening service. There are few people who have preached the gospel message globally in this generation to more people than Benny Hinn. As he ministered in the evening on the anointing, the power of God and the Word, many lives were touched and bodies were healed. At the end of the service he called all the young people up to receive an impartation and to be challenged to go and be bold for Jesus.

Terri Copeland-Pearsons, daughter of Kenneth Copeland and the Chief Visionary Officer for Kenneth Copeland Ministries ministered Friday evening and Saturday morning. Terri ministered in such a strong yet tender way as she shared the Word with us as well as details of her personal faith walk. Her vulnerability and the strong anointing on Terri caused a wave of repentance to break out among many who came with pre-conceived opinions about the Word of Faith movement or the Copeland ministry in particular. 

On the final night, Bill and Jacob ministered together, co-sharing a message about Jacob and Caleb, two regular men from two generations, leaders in Israel who had faith to believe that God was indeed the God of Israel and would do exactly as he said he would. Bill continued the message by sharing about Paul and Timothy, emphasizing how the generations need to work together in these days, gleaning from the example of Bill and Jacob’s relationship. The service concluded with a “fire door”, with people passing between Jacob and Bill as they laid their hands on them. The atmosphere was electric and the sweet presence and power of God moved in a great way as many were delivered, filled with joy and received impartation to return to their communities across Canada, the USA and the world with fresh passion for sharing the Gospel and seeing revival fires stirred.