Jul 3, 2024

Timothy Conference 2024

Just under a month ago our ministry hosted The Timothy Conference in Toronto, Ontario. We gathered at the historic Catch the Fire facility where in the late 90s and early 2000s revival swept the nation in what has been known as the Toronto Blessing. Our very own Bill Prankard spoke there night after night for two years. 


We brought back Roberts Liardon, John Arnott and Terri Copeland-Pearsons as speakers alongside Jacob Walda and Bill Prankard. Disciple a City music led us in a powerful time of worship every evening. Nathan and Jessica Kirschner carry a beautiful anointing that ushers in the presence of the Lord right from the first notes. 

All of our speakers had the similar message and heart as they shared what God had given them. Jesus is coming back. Raise up the next generation. Walk in the power of God. Although varying in how it was conveyed, each speaker poured into the seniors, the middle-aged and the young ones in the room. God is raising up an army who will not sit idly by and miss what God is doing in this day. 



A couple of highlights: 

During Bill’s healing service a young boy stood up, roughly 5-7 years old who professed that God had healed his body. He stood with his father on stage to bear witness to what had happened. He had a growth in his mouth and after Bill had released a word of knowledge, disappeared. Miracles had broken out as the power of God was released in the meeting. 

Friday evening before pastor Terri gave her message Bill was taking up the offering. Terri stood up to interrupt Bill as he was sharing the word that she had something to say. Her and her husband George felt led by the Lord to cover the entire budget of the conference. Needless to say, Bill and our team were beyond words as this was a significant offering and seed into the ministry. This meant every dollar that came in during the offerings of the conference could go right to outreach. 

A final highlight for our ministry was releasing Jacob’s first book called “A Timothy Generation.” Written to challenge believers to live out their God given purpose as son’s and father’s in the faith. We encourage all of our partners and friends to ensure they get a copy. It can be found on amazon and our store. 

June was an incredible month for BPEA. We have much to be thankful for, however, this is only the beginning of a summer of miracles! We declare it over you today.