Walking the Straight And Narrow: Lessons in Faith from the High Wire

Discovery Channel astutely describes the author: "In the rarified world of aerialists, Tino Wallenda is royalty."  With the eighth generation of the Wallendas now in the act and hundreds of years of spectacular circus tradition to uphold, the family has secured not only a place in history, but also a place in the Guinness Book of World Records with an Eight-Person Pyramid on the high wire, and a 2004 win at the prestigious Circus Festival at Monte Carlo. 

Throughout their history, the Wallenda troupe has always walked the wire without a net, a tradition that has been immortalized by thrill and marred by tragedy.  Their security is in God, so they continue to perform as their ancestors have done for centuries - high above their audiences with nothing between the wire and the floor except their faith.